Sketching  triangles with two specific 

two specific angle measurements


Sketch a triangle with the following degree measurements:

Angle A = 55 degrees

Angle B = 35 degrees



1.- Draw a line segment ( AB ).

    -  Segment AB can be of any 



2.-  First, place the center of the  

     protractor at point A and measure

      55 degrees.

      Second, place the center of the

      protractor at point B and measure

     35 degrees.


3.- Increase the length of the sides of 

      the angles  until they  intersect 

       ( point C ).

    - The dotted lines indicate that if you

      draw the sides to long they have

        to be erased to form a perfect triangle.


 4.- Knowing angle A and angle B,

       find the length of angle C. 

       ( see figure )


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